Using an iPhone 4 with the TomTom in car kit.

If you have purchased a TomTom in-car kit for an Apple iPhone 4, and are finding that it does not charge, all is not lost :

Well certainly you want to lean on TomTom for a free adaptor, which I believe now comes with the kits, but in the mean-time here is what you can do :

The reason for the problem is that the iPhone 3 is meant to lean back against a little rocking block, which then rotates the iPhone bottom power connector upwards into the iPhone, so that it makes good contact and switches the charging on - see the diagram.

Now the iPhone 4 does not sit so far back into the holder as the iPhone 3, and so the block is not pressed backwards, and thus the connector is not pushed up into contact with the phone.

The Solution:
A temporary fix is a Pritt Pad (or possibly 2) on the little block ! Just do take care not to stress the iPhone 4, it should only be just thick enough so the connector makes good contact. Make sure the top sticky surface of the Pritt Pad is covered over, so you do not stick the iPhone into the holder.

Using an iPhone 4 with the TomTom in car kit
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